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Spring has Sprung...... customer service a year later
April 12th, 2018 6:55 PM
Has Spring Sprung? 

Well I guess that depends on how one views spring and April. Snow, still those colds days but with the hope of warmer nights and days ahead.  Personally, I am a warm weather person.   What does this have to do with real estate?  Spring is the time most think of selling their house spruce it up ect.   A new beginning for this time of the year.     Sometimes there are leftovers we all experience in business. I just got off the phone with a past client who was upset she had to sell her parent's a mixed use property which was an unusual property that I did for estate purposes.   Like usual in business you can tell when someone needs that extra special attention.  I love to listen and help so she called me back several times over the past week to discuss her situation on selling the property.  Yes a year later.  So I just listened. I gave her my input when needed.  The property is under contract. Yes she end up taking less than she wanted but it was a tough sale for her and family members.   We know you can be come attached to a home or property for whatever reason. I see it and understand that.    As a professional there are just times you have to listen and help someone along the process.  Lets face it real estate is a tough business and most of us find out the hard way.  My advice is try to take out the emotional aspect and treat it like a business. As hard as that might be. It will be easier to sleep at night. By all means call me to discuss your real estate needs. I believe in customer service.

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