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   I am busy doing residential reviews lately. Interesting what i am seeing is that your typical residential appraiser is not reporting the true market. Whether its stable or an increasing market they are not doing enough analysis to conclude correctly. This is typical of residential appraisers due to time and the fee they are paid. I don't fault anyone here because I understand how they feel and what they must do to survive.  This is the reason I stay away from bank lending work and do private work with the exception of residential reviews.   When looking for an appraiser make sure you find one who can correctly perform a good analysis and give him or her the time to do it.  Stress you want a good analysis done on the market and sales. Some are good at this while others are not or don't take the time to do it. Wouldn't you like to know the market is increasing/decreasing where your is located?

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Posted by Ray Underhill on February 9th, 2018 5:42 PMLeave a Comment

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