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March 21st, 2018 11:44 AM
I am currently working on an assignment down in South Jersey were vacant commercial land sales are rare.  Land unlike which most of us think is easy to appraise. Its is far from that and challenges your appraisal skills.  Unlike most residential appraisers who just check it off the box on a form. Highest and Best use of the land is critical.   That is where our skills and knowledge come in as an appraiser.   What type of improvement can be put on this site?  Retail shopping mall or a small roofing business.  This can be a real challenge finding those vacant land sales in hard pressed areas. There is little commercial business in some areas to begin with.  Then to find the perfect sale for your subject property is a challenge.  Similar size and zoning not alone in a similar location.    I had to reach throughout the county for sales and those sales were not very similar.  There is where the adjustment process comes in and experience.  Paired Sales?  Your lucky to find similar sales.    This is the type of appraising that has challenged my skills and continues to make me a better appraiser.   You pay for my experience and knowledge.  Do you want someone with experience and knowledge handing your valuation issue?  Please give me a call. I hope we can work together.  Thank you for visiting my site.

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