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Looking for an appraiser- cost
July 6th, 2018 6:11 PM

Like most of the buying public we are always looking for the cheapest deal. I couldn't agree more. I want to pay a reasonable cost for a service.  I have gotten calls over the past years  from people who are just looking at cost and not really looking into who they are hiring to do an appraisal.   I have done reviews.  I have looked an numerous reports over my career.   Not everyone does a good analysis in their report and what does it reflect ?   A poor analysis. This leads to an inaccurate value.
  I don't know about you but if this is one of the largest assets you own. Wouldn't you want the most accurate analysis completed.  Time is where sometime who charges not properly for his or her time cheats themselves ,but more importantly the client.   I recently saw a report done by a broker-appraiser. It was done for a hearing and done poorly.  Instead of getting someone who might have charged more  and had  done a complete analysis. The property owner hired a broker-appraiser who after seeing this report doubt he knew how to analyze or understood selecting the best comparables.   I saw the fee and he cheated out both himself and the client of a good analysis.  Just beware in the real estate business the cheapest may not be always the best way to go..

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